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The security of your vehicle revolves around car keys. If anything goes wrong with your car keys, you may find it impossible to gain access into your car. Even worse, without car keys, you may not be able to get your car started to get you going. Although many car owners protect their car keys and keep them carefully, making sure that they keep them in sight at all times, losing car keys is quite normal car owners. Should you have been in the situation where you are avidly hunting for your keys when you are in a hurry, you fully understand the anxiety and inconvenience this can cause. Calling a dealer for a new set of car keys can take several weeks and you might have to pay a small fortune for the same. However, a locksmith has solutions that are offered on time and they are much more cost effective.


Car Keys We Can Fix

At Discount Locksmith in Aurora CO, there are a range of car keys that we can help you repair or replace keys within minutes. We have the best tools and equipment to create even the most modern car keys on the spot. The result of our services is a great quality car key that you will be able to use for a long period of time. The types of keys we can fix include: –


Transponder Keys

These keys have a microchip that is within a plastic body. For the car to start when in the ignition, the microchip has to be detected through electronic coding. When it is not working, then your engine will not start. Our locksmiths have the expertise to resolve this issue, by using the right equipment to reprogram the immobilizer control. The result is a key that is able to respond to the coding that your car needs. No matter what the urgency, we can provide you a timely solution.


Remote Control Keys

Perhaps this is the most common car key you will find in the market today. They are a step up from traditional keys which are typically recut when they get damaged. With these keys, there is communication with the car through radio transmitters, and these remotes are responsible for the opening and closing of the car doors, including the trunk. In addition, you use them to arm the alarm of your car or turn the alarm off.

Sometimes these remote control keys malfunction. Our qualified locksmith will be able to detect the real reason that they are not working, even if this may be something as simple as replacing the battery within. If you lose this remote all together, we are able to come up with the perfect replacement that is able to clearly communicate with the receiver in your car.


There is no denying that car key issues are faced on a daily basis. It helps to know that you can always count on the highly professional services of car key Discount Locksmiths Aurora Co for quick help when you need it. Our locksmiths operate around the clock, thus you can call for help any time of the day or night and a technician will be with you in just a few minutes ready to fix your problem. Our prices are highly competitive and affordable. Get in touch with us today, let us know your issues and receive a free consultation and quotation. Experience the very best of car keys solutions and find out first-hand about our great quality services and excellent customer care.

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